“World’s Most Accomplished Hypnotherapist Finalizes The Creation Of A Life-Changing Program  That Will Shatter Any Ounce Of Self Sabotage That Resides Within You, So You Can Move Forward Through Life With The Happiness And Confidence That You So Rightly Deserve!”

“Are You Ready To Trade In Your Days Of Doubt, Fear, Frustration And Negativity For A Life Where Your Every Moment Will Be Flooded With The Joy That Comes With Knowing You Can Achieve Anything You Desire?”

“Finally, A Resource That Anyone Can Use To Take Themselves From Self Destruction To Self Assurance  By Rebuilding Their Entire Belief System, So They Can Enjoy Everything That Life Has To Offer Without Ever Doubting Their Abilities!”

Dear Friend,

My guess is that you’ve arrived at this website because you are either suffering from self-sabotage or you may be on your way to doing so.

So let me ask you a few questions.

Do you find yourself constantly doubting your abilities?

Deep down, do you feel that you are not worthy of great things?

Are you used to the fact that things just never seem to go your way?

Do you even wonder what the purpose of your existence is?

If You Answered Yes To Any One These Questions, You May Be Suffering From Self Sabotage In One Form Or Another...

The good news is that if you can answer yes to these questions without reserve, then you have already taken the first step toward resolving the issue which is admitting that this problem resides within you.

The problem however, is that many people find it hard to answer these questions and therefore are incapable of taking that first step because they don’t believe there is a problem to correct in the first place.

The result is that they can go through their entire lives constantly sabotaging themselves and never enjoying the good things that life has offer and believe that everything is ok.

This is part of what makes self sabotage such a serious matter and why no person suffering from it should ignore it or underestimate how powerfully negative it can be.

So now I bet you’re wondering…

“Who Are You and Why Should I listen To Anything That You Have To Say?”

My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist and for more twenty five years, I have been using the power of hypnosis to help people create positive and lasting change in their lives.

As you can imagine, in two and a half decades you get to help a lot of people in a variety of different areas ranging from weight loss, stopping smoking, gaining motivation and having better relationships.

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After Years Of Helping So Many People In So Many Different Areas, I Came To The Conclusion That In Reality, Everyone Just Wants More Control...

For example, if someone wants to quit smoking, it’s because they believe that doing so will give them more control over their health.

If they want to lose weight, it’s because they believe that will provide a certain amount of control over the way that they feel.

And if they want a better relationship, it's because they believe that having one will provide a certain amount of control over their happiness.

The point is that all people really want out of life is more control.

The problem is that concept goes both ways.

You see, while some people want more control over things that they believe will have a positive impact on their lives, there are some people who have the same desire for control over things that impact them negatively.

Take drugs for example, a person who is addicted to drugs believes that using drugs will provide control over the feeling of getting high, which as we all know leads to a destructive path.

Well, the same is true of people who suffer from self sabotage.

People Who Sabotage Themselves Do So Because They Believe That It Will Provide A Certain Amount Of Control In Some Way Shape Or Form...

Perhaps that control can be related to their inability to succeed.

Perhaps their belief system tells them that they are not worthy of success or good things in life and so sabotaging any chance of feeling those things provides the control needed to reinforce that belief.

I know, it’s a vicious cycle. But it’s a cycle that is very real and very dangerous.

The reason that I know that is because I have been helping people deal with this issue for many years.

I have had people from all over the world come to me for help with this issue and in the past, the only way for me to help treat the issue was through a private session at my office, which today has a $25,000 price tag attached to it.

I figured that I would leave the private sessions to the celebrities and Hollywood bigwigs who can afford that type of treatment and focus on creating a resource that would serve as an effective tool for those who could not.

In other words, I set out on a mission to create an empowering system that could be used anywhere at any time that would enable anyone to shatter their self sabotage at a price that everyone could afford.

And now after years of immersion into research, study, testing and some good old fashioned hard work, I am pleased to say that I have accomplished what I set out to do…

Introducing Self Sabotage Help...



Consisting of Four Empowering Learning Modules, this program will provide you with everything you need to end self sabotage by revealing:

The Truth About Self Sabotage - Here you’ll learn exactly what self sabotage is so that you can accurately treat it.

Rebuilding Beliefs - Here I’ll show you the same techniques that I have used to help people re-create thoughts and beliefs that change their entire reality.

The Key To Moving Forward - Here you’ll learn how to let go of past negative experiences so you can move forward.

The Key To Attain And Retain - Here I’ll share the one secret that helps people get what they want and hold onto it forever.

Creating The Right To Deserve - Here you’ll discover how to create a mind-set that will never allow you to settle for less.

Getting To Your Goals - Learn about the keys to creating persistence and never giving up on yourself.

Failing Forward - Now you can use your mistakes as learning experiences to strengthen your progress in anything else rather than roadblocks that you cannot overcome. 

Strength Leverage - Learn how to accurately assess yourself so you can leverage the things that you are naturally good at.

Creating An Effective Filter -  Learn to control your self-talk so that negative messages no longer pollute your mind.

Stress Relief 101 - Here you’ll learn about what it takes to not let stress affect everything you do in life.

The Key To Communication - Here I’ll share the secret to positive communication with others and yourself.

Bringing Success To Reality  - Discover the key to believing in yourself and deserving success so it will now be a part of your life.

And Much More!

If you are ready to get out of your own way of achieving success and living the happy life that you deserve, then take advantage of the opportunity that you see before you.

Because what you have here are all of the tools that you need to end your days of self sabotage and destruction.

For just $27, which is less than what most people pay for a month of basic cable TV service, you can begin the transformation toward the life you were meant to live.

And to make the decision to change even easier for you, I am going to allow you to try this program absolutely risk free for a full eight weeks.

Here’s how it works:

So let me ask you; are you ready to end your days of living in fear, doubt, anger, sadness and frustration?

Are you ready to experience life on a whole new level?

If so, then take action today and get Self Sabotage Help!

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To Your Success,

Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

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